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Another Mad Beginning

It has been years since I stopped writing my blog and I thought that this may be the perfect place to kick it off again. For years I wrote while guiding at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve and loved Every moment of it, now I get to explore the African continent, see new places, experience incredible wildlife and meet new people. I am going to take you all along on this journey and maybe one day you will join me on a trip.

Guiding and photography are my passions only superseded by my family and I am blessed to do what I love for a living. So where am I now? Well at the moment of writing this I am flying in a Cessna 208 Caravan over the incredible island of Madagascar on my way to Fianarantsoa as I lead my guests to Ranomafana.

We have just spent an incredible 3 days in a wet and cold rainforest of Mantadia and we have already seen 8 different species of lemur, the most iconic of which is the Indri which is the largest extant lemur.

For all the rain our spirits were never dampened as we trudged through the mud surrounded by incredible rosewoods and orchids waiting for the summer heat to bloom, all this while listening to the calls of the indri eerily screeching through the trees. 

But it is not only the larger primates that provide us with beauty and uniqueness. This island has been separated from the mainland of Africa for 120 million years and split from India 90 million years ago and evolution has had free reign to sculpt some of the most incredible creatures. Housing over 50% of the worlds chameleon species to incredible leaf tailed geckos which sport other world camouflage as they hide amongst the trees. It is a weird and wonderful world which never seems to amaze, no matter how many times I come.

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